Woodworm and rot in timber

Detecting woodworm can be difficult. Is it an active infestation or an old one? We have been informed by one of our growing number of customers that a way of detecting whether an infestation is active or not is to place a bunch of flowers in a tray of oil. The wormworms (beetles) are attracted to pollen, so they will make their way over to the flowers, but some will inevitably get trapped in the oil, you can then detect whether you have an active infestation or not.

Prevention always better than cure

The best solution is to prevent infestation or rot before it occurs. This can be achieved safely and in an environmentally friendly manner by treating your timbers with a natural mineral Borax. This acts as a preservative and an insect repellent. Borax will prevent dry and wet rot and can also be used to cure the problem if you already suffer from rot in the house.

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